I'm Midnight


and i really like to build things

I'm a 21 year old programmer and tech enthusiast from The Netherlands. Be it making a website, building a computer, or designing a new protocol, I love making things with tech!

Bart Industries is my public digital home. It's a collection of my socials, work experiences and past projects, artworks, hobbies and interests, fursonas and anything else I feel like sharing with the world.

To know more about me you can visit the about section.
For some of my skills and experiences you can visit my portfolio section.
If you want to contact me you can reach out via one of my socials below or send me an email.


Explore some of my past works, experiences, skills and jobs

flame Flame Software
2022 and ongoing

Flame Software is a Software-as-a-Service company that is developing a new communications app that intends to revolutionize the way we talk and socialize online. Our mission is to make the net more connected, more privacy focused, and more healthy for your mental wellbeing.

We are currently in our early development stage, where I work as the CTO to lay down the groundworks for this new app, which will be built using a combination of languages like Rust and TypeScript.

đŸ”Ĩ Visit early website

puppypride Puppy Pride
2021 and ongoing

I am the core developer of the new Puppy Pride social network since January 2021, and continue to support and expand it to this day.

The site was built from the ground up using the TALL stack in PHP (Tailwindcss, Alpine, Livewire and Laravel) and gave me a lot of experience working with PHP and every single feature within the Laravel framework and all of the ecosystem.

In the project I have gone through a large array of different kinds of features and business processes ranging from Docker to PayPal and from load testing with NGINX to backup storage with S3.

Warning: Puppy Pride is an adult themed social network for people into petplay based in England. Explicit imagery may be present. Due to the site's content, logging in is required to view the majority of its features.

puppypride profile page
🌐 Visit the Puppy Pride public beta

puppypride Saxion University
2020 to 2024

I am a year 3 student at the Saxion University of Applied Sciences in The Netherlands majoring in Software Engineering. The study keeps me plenty busy, but now I am combining the study with a Minor Entrepeneurship to build a SaaS product at my new company Flame Software.

Even though the university has taught me much about the business life and how to professionally work in teams, nearly all my programming knowledge is self taught at home.

🎓 Open Website

dubbelnull DubbelNull
2020 and ongoing

DubbelNull is a family business that does internet based development for small and medium sized companies, such as creating websites, manage hosting, advice and other similar things. I have made several websites for clients under this name, and you can find more of my works on the DubbelNull website.

➡ī¸ View DubbelNull showcase

🧑‍đŸ’ģ Player Stats

Beyond practical knowledge, I am also a teamplayer. I love discovering new ways and technologies that are proposed to me and like to share ideas and find new solutions to problems together.

In my study at Saxion I have done many projects, including ones for large companies such as AgroVision and Witteveen+Bos, where we worked in teams of people with different backgrounds to create a complete product.


đŸĸ Internships

Agro IT


Agro IT is an agricultural software company in The Netherlands. In my 5 month long internship I developed a new modern web app that connected to their existing rVDM suites.



Witteveen+Bos is a major worldwide agricultural software company. During my internship me and my team developed a generic authentication system in Django that would be used as a customized plug-in template for new projects at the company.



AgroVision is a Dutch software company for farmers. During my internship I worked on an app that generates reports about CO2 usage on farms and informs the farmer on how to reduce thecir emmissions.



SuitSeven is a local webdevelopment studio. During my internship I worked on the design for a client's website.



Profity is a software ccompany creating ERP suites for the Dutch steel industry. During my internship I learned the dynamics of a team and the different processes involved in software development.

⚔ī¸ Skills

I can work with anything and love to try out new things and technologies! I have a lot of common knowledge around computer software and hardware and can adapt to anything that may be needed, but here is a constantly growing list of some of my most used things:










Substance Painter







































.NET Core



Specialties marked in bold.

About me

Hello, I'm Pascal, but my internet name is Mid. Nice to have you here on my website! I'm a 21 year old programmer and tech enthusiast from The Netherlands. If you want to know a little more about me, here are some details. :)

fursona fursona proxmox environment
đŸ–Ĩ Computer tech

I love everything tech, as was probably obvious. But it goes beyond creating software. I also built my own computer, and like to maintain hardware. At home I run a server rack equipped with a few Dell processing servers, doing my own research and hosting webservers, bots, multiplayer games and more using software like TrueNAS, Proxmox and Linux.

I daily-drive Linux as my operating systems out of a passion for FOSS and often tinker around with things like RAID and backups and getting all my favorite games to run.

đŸĻŠ Furry fandom

Being a furry is an important hobby and a creative outlet for me.

Mid is my primary character out of the many that I have created over the years. He is a fictional anthropomorphic cat with black fur and blue hair and some unusually large whiskers. I use Mid to represent myself with online. On the right is also depicted Martin the Pine Marten, and on some pictures further down the website you'll find a few more sonas: Rexouium named Koffie and a protogen called Seffy.

I commission people to create artistic depictions of my characters to bring them to life, as seen on the images on this page.

fursona fursona fursona drone shot
🛩ī¸ Drones

I like to go out there and make drone videos and pictures with my DJI drones, enjoying nature outdoors and capturing its beauty.

đŸĨŊ Virtual Reality

One of my biggest gaming passions is the world of VR, a place I've made my second home. More about that can be found in the Virtual Reality section.

Virtual Reality

couch couch

I love Virtual Reality ❤

I believe the Metaverse is already here, and it's been here for years. The reason people haven't realized is because the thing companies sell us is not what the metaverse is actually about:

VR is a world of the free where anything is possible. Entire cities erected from a few button clicks. Friendships and communities built on creativity and compassion. A place where anyone can be what they truly want to be without limitation. A place where humanity's light shines brighter than anywhere else.

And big tech takes those who already built the metaverse for fools, and sells us a future that is the same dull office space we're already dragging ourselves through in the real world.

So I joined these passionate and creative minds and started making my own worlds and communities, building a digital home for myself. The pictures here are some of the moments and places the world of VR has allowed me to create and witness.

couch couch couch couch couch couch

đŸ’Ē Experience and skills

Because of my adventures in virtual reality I have gained knowledge surrounding things such as: Game development (Unity), texturing (Substance Painter) and animating (Unity Animators). Most of the avatars shown in the pictures are hand-made by me.

On top of that, I know my way around the world of VR. Through my years of running events where people come together and celebrate VR I know the people and where to find them, and how to use VR to create success and push new frontiers.

couch couch

🌍 Worldwide

The world of VR is much larger than it seems. Some of the world's largest companies in entertainment already realize its potential. Each year millions from all over the world come together in events and conventions such as Furality to celebrate.

couch couch couch couch couch couch couch couch

keep on creating