I'm Midnight


and i really like to build things

I'm a 22 year old programmer and tech enthusiast from The Netherlands. I have an entrepreneurial spirit and own a webdevelopment studio called DubbelNull. I am motivated by creating reliable software that makes a difference and improves the lives of people through unique solutions.

Bart Industries is my public digital home. It's a collection of my socials, work experiences and past projects, artworks, hobbies and interests, fursonas and anything else I feel like sharing with the world.

Feel free to have a look around and learn about who I am and the things I've worked on.


A collection of some of the projects and experiences I am most proud of

puppypride Agro IT
2023 and ongoing

During my study's internship at Agro IT I developed a beautiful and user friendly web environment for their RVDM suite by connecting it to their newly made API and Identity Server.

The company liked what I had built, and wanted to expand upon it, so they hired me after the internship so I can transform the internship's prototype to something we can roll out and release to clients.

After that I am expected to build other modules of Agro IT's products into web environments so that their clients will eventually no longer need the older application-style programs.

puppypride Puppy Pride
2021 and ongoing

I am the lead developer of Puppy Pride since January of 2021. I develop and maintain Puppy Pride's social network, servers and events.

The site was built from the ground up using the TALL (Laravel) stack and sports a large array of features such as blogging, albums, subscriptions, events, instant messaging, customizable profiles, feeds, groups and advanced group management, and so on.

Furthermore I have gotten experience with a lot of real concepts such as advanced dockerization, deployment, load balancing, caching, server maintenance and more.

Warning: Puppy Pride is an adult themed social network for people into petplay based in England. Explicit imagery may be present. Due to the site's content, logging in is required to view the majority of its features.

puppypride profile page
🌐 Visit the Puppy Pride social network

dubbelnull DubbelNull
2020 and ongoing

DubbelNull is a family business that does internet based development for small and medium sized companies, such as creating websites, manage hosting, advice and other similar things. I have made several websites for clients under this name, and you can find more of my works on the DubbelNull website.

➡ī¸ View DubbelNull showcase

đŸĸ Internships

Agro IT


Agro IT is an agricultural software company in The Netherlands. In my 5 month long internship I developed a new modern web app that connected to their existing APIs and made it possible for customers to use their systems from anywhere.



Witteveen+Bos is a major worldwide agricultural software company. During my internship me and my team developed a generic authentication system in Django that would be used as a customized plug-in template for new projects at the company.



AgroVision is a Dutch software company for farmers. During my internship I worked on an app that generates reports about CO2 usage on farms and informs the farmer on how to reduce thecir emmissions.



SuitSeven is a local webdevelopment studio. During my internship I worked on the design for a client's website.



Profity is a software ccompany creating ERP suites for the Dutch steel industry. During my internship I learned the dynamics of a team and the different processes involved in software development.

🧑‍đŸ’ģ Always open

Beyond practical knowledge, I am also a teamplayer. I love discovering new ways and technologies that are proposed to me and like to share ideas and find new solutions to problems together.

Most of my experiences listed have happened because people approached me with cool ideas. If you have something you need made and think we could provide value to each other, I would be glad to look at your opportunities.


esu Easter System Universe

For the past years I've worked on building and writing a universe of mysteries called ESU. It is now mature enough to release, with several dimensions and planets on which the natives speak their own unique languages.

The universe confronts you with anomalies and alien concepts familiar enough to relate with as they fight for survival in an ever more technological world. Worlds collide as it becomes ever more apparent that the puppeteers of the world might not be who you think they are, instigating a battle in which you must rely on hope to make it through.

The first written story titled "Luther's Throne" is planned to release soon and will be published on this website.

cover of act 1

⚔ī¸ Skills

I can work with anything and love to try out new things and technologies! I have a lot of common knowledge around computer software and hardware and can adapt to anything that may be needed, but here is a constantly growing list of some of the things I am comfortable on and like working with:










Substance Painter,

















PayPal API,






















.NET Core,

Webpack and


prideunbound Pride Unbound
2023 and ongoing

Pride Unbound is a convention based in London ran by Puppy Pride. I create and maintain their software and server infrastructure. The website is custom made with Laravel and has a registration system, payment system, scheduling system, booking system and CMS pages system all managed by the event organisers through a dashboard.

📂 See archived 2023 Pride Unbound site

puppypride Saxion University
2020 to 2024

I am a year 4 student at the Saxion University of Applied Sciences in The Netherlands majoring in Software Engineering and expected to graduate in 2024. During the study I've done numerous projects for real clients and worked in teams comprised of people with many different backgrounds. Most of my programming knowledge was self researched, but the study has connected me with companies and allowed me to work on real world products like my work at Agro IT.

🎓 Open Website

$about_me == "over mij"

Hey there! I'm Pascal, but my internet name is Mid. Nice to have you here on my website. I'm a 22 year old programmer and tech enthusiast from The Netherlands. If you wanna know a little more about me then here are some of the things I like to do. For my past experience and portfolio visit my portfolio section.

đŸ–Ĩ Computers

I love everything tech, as was probably obvious. But it goes beyond creating software. I also built my own computer, and like to maintain hardware. At home I run a server rack equipped with a few Dell processing servers, doing my own research and hosting webservers, bots, multiplayer games and more using software like TrueNAS, Proxmox and Linux.

I daily-drive Linux as my operating systems out of a passion for FOSS and often tinker around with things like RAID and backups and getting all my favorite games to run.

proxmox environment

đŸĻŠ Furry

Being a furry is an important hobby and a creative outlet for me. In the digital world I express myself as Mid, an anthropomorphic cat with black fur and blue hair. You'll see him in some places on this website. There are also Martin the pine marten, Seffy the protogen, Koffie the rexouium and many more. I am currently working on a section that details more about my fluffy life and all of my characters.

mid martin leonard

🛩ī¸ Drones

I like to go out there and make drone videos and pictures with my DJI drones, enjoying nature outdoors and capturing its beauty. More recently I've made some videos for Allroadevents.nl during a few offroading trips.

drone shot drone shot

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Virtual Reality

couch couch

VR is a world where anything is possible. A place where cities can be built with just a few button clicks. A place where friendships and communities are built on creativity and compassion. A place where anyone can be what they want to be without limitation. A place where freedom flourishes and humanity's light shines brighter than anywhere else.

Despite what the failures of big-tech's attempts at creating a metaverse may make you think, VR is a very real and very big world consisting of millions of creative individuals with plenty of proven business models.

couch couch couch couch couch

Because of my adventures in virtual reality I have gained knowledge surrounding things such as game development, modelling and texturing. Most of the avatars shown in the pictures were hand-made by me, and I have created many worlds and systems inside these VR platforms.

In my experience auxiliary skills, like in this case having knowledge of the inner workings of the software that makes these emerging technological markets possible, often come in handy even when working in a completely different field. They make you a more versatile person with a broader range of knowledge that'll help inspire and solve difficult problems with unique solutions.

couch couch couch couch couch couch