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Hey there! I'm Pascal, but my internet name is Mid. Nice to have you here on my website. I'm a 22 year old programmer and tech enthusiast from The Netherlands. If you wanna know a little more about me then here are some of the things I like to do. For my past experience and portfolio visit my portfolio section.

đŸ–Ĩ Computers

I love everything tech, as was probably obvious. But it goes beyond creating software. I also built my own computer, and like to maintain hardware. At home I run a server rack equipped with a few Dell processing servers, doing my own research and hosting webservers, bots, multiplayer games and more using software like TrueNAS, Proxmox and Linux.

I daily-drive Linux as my operating systems out of a passion for FOSS and often tinker around with things like RAID and backups and getting all my favorite games to run.

proxmox environment

đŸĻŠ Furry

Being a furry is an important hobby and a creative outlet for me. In the digital world I express myself as Mid, an anthropomorphic cat with black fur and blue hair. You'll see him in some places on this website. There are also Martin the pine marten, Seffy the protogen, Koffie the rexouium and many more. I am currently working on a section that details more about my fluffy life and all of my characters.

mid martin leonard

🛩ī¸ Drones

I like to go out there and make drone videos and pictures with my DJI drones, enjoying nature outdoors and capturing its beauty. More recently I've made some videos for Allroadevents.nl during a few offroading trips.

drone shot drone shot

đŸ–Ĩī¸ Coding

I have an inherent distate to the endless tools, buildsteps and abstraction layers of the modern world. Especially prelevant in fields like front-end webdevelopment. My philosophy on the matter can not be explained better than by Emma Essex, creator of Halley Labs, who wrote the following on their website:


as time has gone on, i have become fairly exhausted with the unnecesary bloat in all things. my desire to better optimize, to work with fewer layers of abstraction, and so on, continue to lead me back to a strong desire for utilitarian design. there is a common misconception that stripping things to their roots robs them of personality, or soul. this is naturally catastrophically untrue. it's just that when you get to that point, the soul in all things is so bare that you have no choice but to really try to understand it and interface with it. everything that goes on top is very cute and fun, but attire is primarily cultural shorthand. as a people, we are better than needing shorthand to understand or appreciate the soul in things. i encourage everybody to search for the inherent soul in all things.

I love working with a limited set of tools and create my own way of doing things. Per example, working around the limitations of chat-based bots on Discord to build out my own UI and functionalities. Unusual but robus solutions motivate me to continue.

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